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Questions & Answers

1. General

A voucher is a document that serves as a booking confirmation. It contains all relevant information about the booking. In addition to the contact details of the landlord, the voucher contains information about the guest and the booking: first and last name of the guest, number of people, date and remaining amount.

If you want to search for accommodation through our website, you should do the following:

  1. Destination
  2. Date of arrival and departure
  3. Number of persons
  4. number of beds (not necessary)
  5. click on “Search”.

For a detailed search it is necessary to select one or more parameters from the filters (equipment and type of accommodation). After the accommodation offer is selected, according to your parameters, you will see the available accommodations in the requested time frame.

The availability of accommodation changes daily, so it is very difficult to have an up-to-date availability list. Precisely because of this, there may be an overbooking (overbooking).

In case you have any problems with the accommodation or anything else, please contact our customer service. We will try to solve the complaint by phone or e-mail.

After the full payment we will send you the voucher, with all the data of the landlord, by e-mail. Most of the objects have GPS coordinates that will be visible on the voucher. For more information you can contact us or directly the landlord.

If you do not pay the amount on time, we ask you to inform us at [email protected]. Inasmuch as you do not contact us, overbooking may occur. 

If you would like to change the number of people or the date, you must inform us in writing by e-mail at [email protected].

The respective booking must be cancelled by e-mail ([email protected]) or letter.

The conditions of cancellation depend on the date of cancellation in relation to the date of arrival. Details of a cancellation can be found here.

Cancellation conditions are the conditions that we Best of Dalmatia have set regarding the refund to guests who wish to cancel their booking. The refunded amount depends on the cancellation date. You can find the cancellation policy here.

You can find all information about the payment here.

On the following page you will find everything about roads in Croatia. On this page you will find information about highways, tolls and other information. HAC >>

2. Vacation Rental

The price includes electricity and water consumption, dishes, bed linen and towels. In most properties the final cleaning is included in the price, on the contrary it is listed on our website as an additional cost.

For most properties, air conditioning, boat rental, internet, laundry, etc. are not included in the price. Such additional costs are paid on the spot, at the landlord.

All private accommodation, except rooms, have their own kitchen (hob, fridge, crockery). Bed linen is also available. Additional equipment is listed with each object.

The respective arrival and departure times can be found on the accommodation details page. Please inform the house owner/key provider in advance in writing or by phone about your exact arrival time or if there should be any delays. Unless otherwise stated, you can not enter the accommodation before 2 pm on the day of arrival. You must leave the object by 10 am.

If more people arrive than listed on the voucher, the landlord does not have to accept the booking. Therefore it is necessary to register all persons.

Some landlords do not allow pets in the properties. The possibility to bring a pet is listed on our website, by each object. It is also necessary to specify the pet when sending a request, because on the contrary the landlord does not have to accept the booking.

3. COVID-19

If you are unable to travel due to restrictions related to border closures, you have the right to either cancel at no charge or reschedule your trip for a new date.

For the latest information on COVID-19 cases and regulations in Croatia, visit the Croatian government’s COVID-19 website. This website also contains the main emergency numbers you can call.

Rules and regulations for entering Croatia can be found at the following link: . Note that these rules may change on a daily basis. Therefore, we recommend you to check this website before your trip to get the latest updates.

You do not have to wear a mask on the beach according to the current rules and regulations. Masks are generally not mandatory outdoors if a distance of 1.5 meters between people can be ensured. However, the wearing of protective masks is mandatory throughout the country in public transport, medical facilities, stores, shopping malls and any other enclosed public place where personal contact between employees and customers such as banks, post offices.

In order to ensure an easier and faster entry into Croatia, we recommend that you fill in / complete a form via the following link before traveling.

Yes, both masks and disinfectants are available in the booked accommodation.

If you make the booking and cannot travel for pandemic reasons, Best of Dalmatia will of course do everything in its power to ensure that you can postpone your trip to a later date, after discussing this with the owner. It is worth mentioning that the owners have a full understanding in these situations and are aware of all the difficulties that plague this difficult time, so in the vast majority of cases a rebooking is possible. Note that there may be price differences if you postpone a trip to a later date.

In the first place, this happens extremely rarely. However, if it does, we will offer you alternative housing units from which you can choose. If you find a suitable one, we will make the necessary changes, on the other hand, if the alternatives do not suit you, then you would have the option to cancel free of charge.

The fear of being infected with Covid 19 cannot be the only reason to justify a free cancellation. However, if you are unable to travel due to travel restrictions, for example, free cancellation is of course possible. In addition, we recommend that you first check whether it is possible to reschedule your trip, as this is often a more pleasant solution than a simple cancellation.

If you provide us with a valid medical certificate stating that you are indeed infected, you can choose between free cancellation or postponement of the trip. 

In this case, if you present a confirmation that you are obliged to quarantine, we recommend you to postpone the trip free of charge to a later date, which we will confirm directly with the owner.